Small Business and Nonbusiness Application Support

Small Business Support

Small businesses are an essential part of our collective work to achieve the ambition of the SDGs and are meaningful participants in the UN Global Compact. We need leadership from companies of all sizes in order to achieve the world we want.

The application process for small businesses is the same as for all companies. However, to mitigate the strain on small businesses, for companies with less than $50 million in annual revenue, we offer an engagement option without a mandatory financial contribution. While engagement at the Participant tier has a mandatory annual financial contribution, small businesses that choose to engage at the Signatory tier are merely asked for a voluntary financial contribution. We appreciate financial contributions from such companies, but that are not mandatory.

Please note that due to administrative constraints, we do not currently allow micro-enterprises, which we define as organizations with fewer than 10 employees, to formally join the initiative and be added into the UN Global Compact database. This constraint varies from Local Network to Local Network and may not apply to other regions.

We do consider exceptions to the micro-enterprise exclusion on occasions where there is a demonstrated history of work with United Nations and we may ask for a written reference on UN letterhead in support of the organizations application.

Non-business Application Support

The UN Global Compact is the corporate sustainability initiative of the Secretary-General and, as such, is multi-stakeholder but business led. Non-business participants are an important part of the mission of the UN Global Compact to support more sustainable and equitable business leadership. It is is particularly meaningful with regard to non-business organizations that work to support corporate sustainability leadership.

There is a separate application for non-business applicants that can be found at this link.

Non-business applicants that are encouraged to join the UN Global Compact fall under the following categories:

  • Business Associations
  • Civil Society Organizations
  • Foundations
  • Labor Organizations
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Organizations

Other non-business organizations are welcome to join, such as academic institutions, cities and municipalities, and public sector organizations, but we encourage you to first pursue engagement through our sister initiatives more specifically tailored to such organizations. UN Principles for Responsible Management Education (UN PRME) is the United Nations initiative to support sustainability in schools around the world. The UN Global Compact Cities Programme is the urban arm of the UN Global Compact.

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