Foreign Companies Application

Opportunity to Join Network USA as a Foreign Company

Participants of the UN Global Compact are granted automatic membership in a Local Network based on the location of their headquarters. Companies with headquarters outside of the United States with significant operations or business interests in the United States have the opportunity to join Global Compact Network USA in addition to their primary Local Network affiliation.

Foreign Company members of the Network USA are full members of Network USA with access to all programming and support granted to other members. There is no additional COP reporting requirement and this is an extension of your existing UN Global Compact participation. Your Network USA engagement will be noted on your UN Global Compact profile.


  • Must be a business member of the UN Global Compact in good standing with the UN Global Compact
  • An annual financial contribution to Global Compact Network USA
  • $2,500 for companies with >$50 million in revenues
  • $1,250 for companies with <$50 million in revenues

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