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Supply Chain Sustainability

October 16, 2018

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Past Webinars

Responsible Climate Policy Engagement

June 07, 2018

Based on the UNGC Caring for Climate report, this webinar will provide an overview on the process of setting baseline expectations for companies to provide proactive and constructive input to governments to advocate for the creation of effective climate policies.


The webinar will also preview the numerous member opportunities for climate-related engagement over the coming months, including at the Global Compact Action Summit in California and Climate Week in New York, both in September 2018.


Speakers Include:

• Adam Roy Gordon, Engagement Director, Global Compact Network USA

• Heidi Huusko, Senior Manager, Government Affairs & Environment and Climate, UN Global Compact

• David Wei, Director, Climate at BSR

Implementing WEPs and taking action on SDG 5

February 21, 2018

Learn from Deloitte, Symantec, and UN Global Compact about the many ways in which business can promote gender equality in the workplace, marketplace, and community. 

Network USA 2017 Governance Meeting

December 04, 2017

Join the Board of Directors as they review: 

  • Overview of Network governance structure 

  • Overview of Network activities for 2017 and those planned for 2018 

  • Overview of Network financials

SDG Leadership for U.S. Businesses

November 07, 2017

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are critical to the successful delivery of the 2030 Agenda and the US business community is heeding the call. Learn about the relationship between the Ten Principles and the SDGs, the SDG alignment journey for businesses, and how UN Global Compact tools and resources can support you along the way, including the Blueprint for SDG Leadership. 

Leadership in Corporate Reporting

June 13, 2017

The UNGC and PwC discussed trends shaping current reporting, how to thrive in the future, and opportunities to engage with the new Reporting on the SDGs Action Platform. 

Zero Hunger: How U.S. companies can help achieve SDG 2

December 15, 2016

Learn how U.S. companies large and small can contribute to making food systems more resilient, distributing food effectively at a global scale, and building an effective agricultural supply chain in a resource-constrained world.

Private Sector Engagement in Humanitarian Action

October 11, 2016

Learn how UN Global Compact and USA for UNHCR are mobilizing private sector engagement for humanitarian action. HP and Microsoft tell their stories of corporate leadership.

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