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Reformation of SBTi Technical Advisory Group (TAG)
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Reformation of SBTi Technical Advisory Group (TAG)

November 7, 2022

The SBTi is undertaking a process of strengthening its governance to ensure the growing number of companies and financial institutions within the SBTi can be held to the highest level of climate ambition. As part of this, the SBTi is reforming and expanding the Technical Advisory Group (TAG).

The TAG is a permanent advisory group of SBT-setting experts providing practical technical development advice. They also have a Scientific Advisory Group (SAG) that guides our interpretation of climate science. These groups are not decision-making bodies.

What are the benefits?

  • Streamlined engagement: Currently, the SBTi relies more on their project-specific Expert Advisory Groups and undertakes processes to form new groups at the outset of every project. However, under the new model, TAG members will be committed to participating in 1-2 EAGs.
  • Better relationships: Dedicated SBTi management and quarterly meetings will mean they keep in better contact with TAG members.
  • Better recognition: Many EAG members spend a lot of time and effort providing advice on projects but get a different visibility than the TAG on the SBTi website.
  • Diversity: The current group is small and comprises mainly corporates/consultants. They are expanding the group to include Financial Institution experts and incorporating ambitious gender, organizational and regional diversity targets.

Details can be found in the Terms of Reference and interested applicants can apply here.

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