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Recognizing World Wetlands Day: Four Steps for Improving Water Resilience
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Recognizing World Wetlands Day: Four Steps for Improving Water Resilience

February 2, 2024

With an anticipated 40 per cent shortfall in the world’s water supply and demand by 2030, corporations must take proactive steps to improve water resilience in operational processes and supply chains — and in the communities affected by their operations.

According to the United Nations, global efforts need to quadruple to meet the water and sanitation targets set for 2030 in Sustainable Development Goal 6.

In recognition of World Wetlands Day, the UN Global Compact is urging businesses to commit to Water Resilience: Target 1 of Forward Faster:

Achieve collective positive water impact in at least 100 vulnerable prioritized water basins by 2030.

Taken from our Forward Faster Action Guide, here are four key resources to inform and guide corporate initiatives towards water resilience.

1. Water Action Hub: Navigate through interactive maps of the initial 100 Prioritized Basins and discover potential partners and implementers. This hub serves as a comprehensive resource to identify regions where water resilience efforts can have a significant impact.

2. Partner to enhance collective action: Many companies have harnessed the potential of collaborative actions, acknowledging that multi-stakeholder efforts yield the most profound impact. Learn how collaborating with stakeholders can amplify water resilience initiatives by signing up for Forward Faster.

3. Basins Diagnostic Guide: Gain a deeper understanding of how positive impact at the basin level can be measured. Use this diagnostic guide to assess and prioritize interventions that will have a meaningful and lasting effect on water resilience in specific regions.

4. Set Science-Based Targets for fresh water: In 2024, new guidance will be released by the Science-Based Targets Network (SBTN) on science-based target-setting for fresh water. Evaluate, prioritize and set numeric targets based on science. The SBTN provides a roadmap for companies to assess their impact on fresh water resources and to develop actionable strategies that improve their water footprints.

Right now, more than 2 billion people lack safe drinking water.

By leveraging our Forward Faster resources, your organization can take more ambitious action towards water resilience.

Join us in recognizing World Wetlands Day by committing to Water Resilience: Target 1 and move #ForwardFaster towards a more water-secure, sustainable future.

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