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“Mental Help” — free psychological assistance for Ukrainians
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“Mental Help” — free psychological assistance for Ukrainians

March 15, 2023

To make psychological help available and convenient for Ukrainians, the UN Global Compact Network Ukraine has launched the “Mental Help” project. It aims to provide free psychological services to people affected by Russia’s war against Ukraine. The project has been developed with UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group, Schneider Electric Corporation, Foundation de France, and the UN Global Compact Network France. 

The war in Ukraine has caused irreparable consequences not only to the physical but also to the psychological health of Ukrainians. According to the Minister of Healthcare, 15 million Ukrainians need psychological assistance. Unfortunately, not all Ukrainians can afford the services of a professional psychologist. However, everyone needs psychological support and care. After the end of the active phase of the war, the number of traumatized people will only increase.

Available online consultation platforms can partly address the challenge of psychological support and target those who are open to such assistance and have access to digital technologies. Consequently, it is essential to continue implementing the project in the future, assisting as many people as possible. That is why Network Ukraine started working on the community project centers, assisting all categories of people. In 2023, UNGC Ukraine aims to launch two community centers in Zaporizhzhia and Kryvyi Rih to provide psychological assistance offline and help Ukrainians overcome the trauma of the war.

The community centers aim to work with people who lost their loved ones or were injured, veterans, and their families to allow people to return to everyday life and be a practical part of the economy. The “Mental Help” project has gathered a team of professional psychologists ready to work with all Ukrainians experiencing the psychological impacts of the war. The project not only helps Ukrainians cope with the trauma of the war and regain psychological health but also provides a job for dozens of psychologists supporting the well-being of their fellow citizens. 

History of the project 

The “Mental Help” project was launched in March 2022. Its target audience was the employees of the UN Global Compact Network Ukraine’s Participants. During the first three days, specialists provided professional psychological assistance to over 300 people in therapy sessions. Psychologists also conducted several group training on self-support and parenting. In addition, they also offered private counseling to adults and children who left the war zones. Thanks to the support of partners, the project has been expanded to allow as many Ukrainians as possible to overcome traumas, restore psychological health, and return to full-fledged life. 

If you would like to support and become a partner of the “Mental Help” project, please get in touch with UN Global Compact Ukraine:

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