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Information for Small and Medium Enterprises in Network USA
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Information for Small and Medium Enterprises in Network USA

December 1, 2022

 UN Global Compact Network USA (Network USA) is one of 69 Local Networks offering support to companies who seek to advance the 10 Principles of the UN Global Compact around the world via their business practices. Companies that join the UN Global Compact receive best practice guidance, tools, resources, training that considers the US market and our footprint in the global business landscape, and support that equips them with the foremost sustainability knowledge as they pursue their sustainability efforts.

This document was created to provide you with a reminder of the wide range of benefits you receive as a participant of the UN Global Compact and details of your mandatory annual contribution.

About Your Participation

- Understanding companies’ resource constraints, we offer numerous benefits as a participant, including:

- Unprecedented networking access with UN Global Compact participants from more than 160 countries

- Access to partnerships with a diverse set of stakeholders.

- Programming support, which includes  Webinars, Events, Accelerators, Academy Resources, and Thought Leadership pieces.

- Ability to build trust and transparency with employees and other stakeholders.

- A chance to help shape the global corporate sustainability agenda.

About Your Contribution

Participating companies in the UN Global Compact must make a financial contribution based on company revenues, as communicated in January 2022 via the 2022 Annual Letter to UN Global Compact Participants from UN Global Compact Executive Director and CEO Sanda Ojiambo. Details on payments and invoicing have been sent to you by our finance department. The following is important information about your contribution:

- All companies must pay their invoice before December 1, 2023.

- The contribution requirements are as follows: $1,250 (company revenue between $25M-$50M) or $625 (company revenue between $5M-$25M)

- Update your revenue and points of contact on your UNGC Participant Profile, ensuring that the right individuals within your organization have access to your profile and receive updates in a timely manner.

Your Investment Matters

We are committed to supporting your sustainability journey and encourage you to get involved with our extensive resources. Your investment directly contributes to this growth and development.

For more information and updates, please visit our website or contact our team at For invoicing questions, please contact

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