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Important CoP Update
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Important CoP Update

June 23, 2023

Access to the Communication on Progress (CoP) platform is on pause to troubleshoot and address the technical challenges that users have experienced. If you have experienced these issues, we apologize and understand that this impacts your reporting plans and internal timeline. We are working hard to rectify the situation as soon as possible to ensure our participants have a good experience on the platform.

For this reason, the July 15 deadline for CoP submission no longer applies. When a new deadline is determined, we will announce it and allow significant time for participants to complete their 2023 CoP. The CoP submission deadline will not be before October of this year.

For more information, please review these Frequently Asked Questions.

We will provide updates regarding the functionality of the digital platform and next steps as soon as possible. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions; a staff member will respond as quickly as possible.

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