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6 Courses for Meaningful Action on Workers’ Rights
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6 Courses for Meaningful Action on Workers’ Rights

May 15, 2023

In today's globalized economy, workers' rights are an increasingly pressing issue as companies, and their supply chains stretch across borders. Unfortunately, workplace exploitation, discrimination, and abuse continue to afflict many workers worldwide, prompting calls for greater corporate accountability and action. 

As a responsible business, prioritizing workers' rights is essential. Investing in education and training programs that promote fair and ethical treatment of employees is one way to achieve this goal. 

The UN Global Compact Academy offers six courses to help your company take concrete steps toward creating a more just and equitable workplace:

  1. Basics of business and decent work: Learn the principles of decent work and how they relate to business operations. This course covers labor rights, workplace safety, and ethical business practices and teaches you how to implement these principles within your company. 
  2. The freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining: This course covers the legal and practical aspects of workers' collective bargaining rights, including unionization, bargaining agreements, and dispute resolution. Learn how to apply these concepts in different contexts to promote fair labor relations.
  3. The elimination of all forms of forced and compulsory laborLearn how to prevent and address human trafficking through practical strategies. Explore the legal framework for combating forced labor, discover best practices for ethical recruitment and supply chain management, and acquire effective strategies for promoting social responsibility and protecting vulnerable workers.
  4. The effective abolition of child laborDiscover strategies for addressing the root causes of child labor, understand legal frameworks and international standards, and learn about effective monitoring and remediation approaches. This course also covers best practices for promoting ethical and sustainable supply chains.
  5. The elimination of discrimination regarding employment and occupationThis course covers the legal and ethical frameworks for combating discrimination, teaches inclusive policies and practices, and provides best practices for creating a just and equitable workplace that benefits everyone.
  6. A safe and healthy work environment: Learn about legal and ethical frameworks, identify and mitigate workplace hazards, and promote a culture of safety and wellness. This course provides the principles and practices necessary for creating a secure and healthy work environment.

Whether you're beginning or looking to enhance your company’s existing initiatives, these courses provide a solid foundation for promoting workers’ rights and building a better future for your company and employees.

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